Mary with a stirrer and strainer on a light kitchen tray with hot red pepper.

Bloody Mary

  • Black pepper in a wooden bowl with a spoon isolated on a white background, top view, flat lay.
    a little black pepper
  • Salt in a wooden bowl on a dark stone table.
    a little salt
  • Bottle of Tabasco red pepper sauce on white.
    a little Tabasco
  • Steel spoon in a puddle of Worcestershire sauce.
    a little Worcestershire sauce
  • Yellow lemon juice in a glass with a whole lemon and lemon wedge.
    15 ml of yellox lemon juice
  • Tomato juice with tomatoes on the table.
    90 ml of Tomato juice
  • A bottle of vodka from the freezer on a black background.
    45 ml of vodka