Enjoy a refreshing Mojito with rum or a non-alcoholic Virgin Mojito made with fresh mint, lime juice, cane sugar, and soda.


  • Ice cubes. Background of ice cubes. Crystal clear ice cubes in the background. Pieces.
    a little crushed ice
  • A bottle of Perrier, a French brand of bottled mineral water in ice cubes.
    30 ml of Sparkling water.
  • Organic brown eco-friendly sugar in a wooden bowl isolated on a white background with clipping path. Side view of the stack of raw, unrefined organic cane sugar.
    two teaspoon brown sugar
  • Heap of freshly harvested aromatic and curative Mentha Aquatica on old oak table, one of the most aromatic specimen among all of wild Mentha plants, close up view
    8 leaves fresh mint
  • Glass bowl with lime juice and isolated lime slice on a white background.
    30 ml of lime juice
  • bottle of Bacardi rum with a empty glass of ice.
    60ml of white rum