<p>A bar counter is adorned with Sex on the Beach cocktail glasses.</p>

Sex on the Beach

  • Bowl of delicious maraschino cherries on the tabl
    1 Maraschino cherries.
  • Orange slices on an orange background.
    1 orange slices
  • Ice cubes. Background of ice cubes. Crystal clear ice cubes in the background. Pieces.
    a little crushed ice
  • Cranberries in a wooden spoon and a glass of fruit juice. Selective focus.
    45 ml of Cranberry juice.
  • Isolated beverage. Glass of orange juice and slices of orange isolated on a white background.
    45 ml of orange juice.
  • Peach cream liqueur on a white background.
    30 ml of peach cream liqueur
  • A bottle of vodka from the freezer on a black background.
    45 ml of vodka