Christmas Tom and Jerry Cocktail: Whipped Cream Eggnog with Spices, Dairy Milk Beverage, with Christmas Decorations, Rustic Wooden Background, Copy Space.

Tom and Jerry

  • deux isolats d'oeuf de poulet sur fond blanc
    2 egg
  • Cinnamon sticks with powder isolated on white background.
    a little cinnamon powder
  • Three whole nutmegs and powder isolated on a white background.
    1/4 teaspoon of nutmegs
  • A bottle of milk and a glass of milk on a wooden table against a blue background.
    1 cup of milk
  • A glass of brandy in an old oak barrel. Copper still on a black background. Traditional alcohol distillery concept.
    45 ml of Brandy
  • Bottle of Bayou rum, a spiced rum inspired by the flavors of Louisiana, infused with a complex and delicate blend of spices inspired by the Creole traditions of Louisiana.
    45 ml of Spiced rum