Vanilla Sky cocktail with passion fruit and ice on a floral background, front view.

Vanilla Sky

  • Heap of freshly harvested aromatic and curative Mentha Aquatica on old oak table, one of the most aromatic specimen among all of wild Mentha plants, close up view
    a little fresh mint
  • Whole and half passion fruit
    1/2 Passion fruit
  • Glass bowl with lime juice and isolated lime slice on a white background.
    1,5 cl of lime juice
  • Dried vanilla pods and powder with spoon isolated on white background
    a little Vanilla powder
  • Isolated beverage. Glass of orange juice and slices of orange isolated on a white background.
    2 cl of orange juice.
  • Sugarcane, fresh cane syrup, and brown sugar on a wooden
    1,5 cl of sugarcane syrup
  • 100% passion fruit juice in a bottle with a black lid and white background.
    2 cl of Passion fruit juice
  • A bottle of vodka from the freezer on a black background.
    4 cl of vodka