White sparkling sangria with champagne, strawberries, oranges, lemon, green apple, and grapefruit. On a rustic wooden table, three glasses with a jug and ingredients.

White Sangria

  • Heap of freshly harvested aromatic and curative Mentha Aquatica on old oak table, one of the most aromatic specimen among all of wild Mentha plants, close up view
    a little fresh mint
  • three ice cubes ina whote background
    some ice cube
  • Isolated strawberries on a white background
    some Fresh strawberries
  • Levitating isolated peach. Composition of peaches, peach halves, and slices with green leaves on a white background.
    1 Peaches
  • Orange slices on an orange background.
    some orange slices
  • Isolated apples. Levitation of ripe green apples, apple halves, and slices on a white background.
    1 Green apples
  • Bottle of triple sec cointreau .
    60 ml of Triple sec
  • Sugarcane, fresh cane syrup, and brown sugar on a wooden
    60 ml of sugarcane syrup
  • Yellow lemon juice in a glass with a whole lemon and lemon wedge.
    60 ml of yellox lemon juice
  • Carbonated water on wood grain background
    250 ml of sparkling limonade
  • An isolated white wine bottle on a neutral background
    750 ml of White wine